The Group's Quality Policy is to manufacture at all times, quality products, which are competitive and that delight customers.
Its manufacturing plants and allied processes are based on a quality system designed to guarantee supply of quality products and this is supported by the employees’ commitment to the EXCELLENCE programme.
EXCELLENCE means continuous improvement, in both the Group's results and the way in which these are achieved. For us, EXCELLENCE means a single-minded dedication to superior performance in all spheres of business: from customer care, team communication, production efficiency, cost management and social responsibility, in order to satisfy the needs of customers, shareholders and indeed, all stakeholders.

Customers express their satisfaction in starafricacorporation brands through repeat purchases of our products. Investors in turn, show their preference for starafricacorporation through buying our shares. These stakeholders are confident that the group is being ethically and professionally managed, true to the brand’s core values.