HOUSING for the employees
The Group recognised that one of the major challenges faced by staff was access to decent accommodation. This lead to the Group negotiating with both the City of Harare and the City of Bulawayo for access to stands on which to build core houses. 100 serviced stands were procured in Pumula South, Bulawayo and unserviced land was procured from the City of Harare, Glen Norah Infill, where 200 houses were built and a number of stands sold to staff. More recently , the Group has been part of a consortium of companies participating in the Glaudinia Housing project in Harare where more than 200 staff have already been allocated stands.

HIV and AIDS policy
People will always be the heart and soul of starafricacorporation limited. starafricacorporation limited is committed to the future of Zimbabwe, to the well being of its people and the communities it operates in and to Zimbabwe’s economic development. starafricacorporation limited therefore undertakes to create an environment which is conducive and encourages openness across all the provinces where our employees are vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. starafricacorporation limited is committed to the promotion of gender equality, human rights, confidentiality, consistency and sustainability as one of our key principles