The company also undertakes various special projects in consulting, water, electrification, infrastructure, construction and mining.

The introduction to these projects arose through supplying the various components to electrification such as concrete and wooden poles and steel.


The company has created a huge network of market professionals through various joint ventures, sub-contracts and partnerships that enable us to comply with the highest market standards.

The company has the capacity to fulfil and achieve any set objectives for such Turn Key projects.

The company has the capacity to deliver various Turn Key Projects as per the Owner’s specifications whilst undertaking as an (EPC) Engineering Procurement Construction or as an (EPCM) Engineering Procurement Construction Management. This depends on the specific project’s requirements.

The company is willing to take full responsibility for the project from the engineering phase right through to the end of construction, and then handing back the completed project to the Owner as one finalized package. The company is able and willing to work with detailed requirements of the owner, then ensuring that their input is very minimal.

The projects contracts are often associated with large scale projects such as mines, power stations, power lines and desalination plants.



When undertaking turn key projects as an EPC, our main functions are:

  • 1)     Our Engineering Services include 


  • Detailed engineering and design;
  • Programming and scheduling works;
  • Cost estimating for all areas of the project.
  • 2) Our Procurement services include 
  • Tenders and quoting for all sub-packages of works involved;
  • Purchasing, receipting and invoicing of goods related to the project;
  • Potential coordination of any services sub-contracts involved.
  • 3)Our Construction services include 
  • Adherence to construction schedule;
  • Performance (directly or through sub-contractors) of all construction activities;
  • Commissioning and finalization of project;
  • Closure of project.



When undertaking turn key projects as an EPCM, our main functions are to undertake professional services contract as a project advisor and to lay down guidelines to the builder/constructor/contractors depending on project

When we are an EPCM contractor our responsibilities are to:

  • To provide the total project schematics and designs  (including engineering);
  • To undertake the procurement advising of necessary materials and equipment for the project;
  • To manage and administration of the construction contracts.

Under this model, we do not undertake any physical building or construction. Our main roles are to rather develop, design and manage the construction process on the owner’s behalf.

It is extremely important for you to note that we will not be party to the contract in respect of the construction of the project; but merely act as the Owner’s Agent and creates (on behalf of the Owner) direct contractual relationships between the Owner and supplier/trade contractors.

Each contract is specific to the needs of the contract. There is therefore no ‘standard’ contract for this type of work.

Such contracts are famous in major capital works sectors such as mining, petrochemicals and power stations.

To be more specific, our main areas of focus when acting as an EPCM are:

  • 1) Engineering / Design phase 

During this phase, the engineering and design works are usually split into two phases;


  1. a) Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) :


Our main work at this stage is to perform the basic, conceptual drawings (know as the Front-End Engineering and Design or “FEED”) to get the project started and allow for estimates to be performed.

  1. b) Detailed Design                                                          :

Once the project is ready for more detailed design of the works will be undertaken. Once the detailed design is established, a specialist supplier is brought in to establish a Bill of Quantity.


The specialist supplier will have an agreement directly with the Owner and will hold the risk and responsibility for the design.

We will maintain the overall responsibility for establishing and maintaining both the design and construction interfaces with vendors and construction contractors, and will remain responsible for overall coordination of the design and construction process throughout the life of the project.

  • 2) Procurement services
  • During this phase, we help the Owner with their anticipated procurement strategy.
  • We assist the Owner in procuring the major works packages and recommend professional suppliers that will make sure that the required schedule of the project is fulfilled.
  • If project Owner is to use a competitive tender process, we will prepare the tender documents, and administer the bidding process, as well as presenting the results to the Owner. Once a winner is confirmed, we will then award the contracts to third parties for the works.
  • We will manage the performance of the winning suppliers
  • 3) Construction Management services

This is the phase where we undertake the bulk of our tasks in the management and supervision of the construction activities. It is our mandate to ensure that safety management and Quality Assurance systems are maintained by all contractors on site, as well as compliance with the project schedule and performance to the expected standard.

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