Having been in operation for the past decade, the company maintains SAZ Certification and on the back of this, the company’s poles also conform to SANS 754. Despite not being ISO Certified, the company’s poles are of excellent quality. Our team is currently working on ensuring that our premises and methods are in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 as well as DISSCAAD7 rev 12B specification for creosote treated wood poles, cross-arms and spacer blocks.

With a monthly capacity to produce more than 20,000 poles per month both in the light and transmission poles sectors, the company strives its best to increase its output.

This sector has been the key driver in the group’s growth. The company’s financial capacity was built through servicing strategic contracts and consistent clients of creosote-treated light and transmission wooden poles. The company has been servicing both local and export consumption, at a ratio of 30:70%.

The company is thus an established brand in the fencing and transmission poles industry in the SADC region notably Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Whilst maintaining monthly supply contracts with numerous hardware groups in Botswana such as the Builders World Group and the Builders Mart Chain, the company also maintains referees in servicing power distribution companies such as Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), Rural Electrification Authority(Zimbabwe), Botswana Power Corporation (Botswana), ZESCO (Zambia), Rural Electrification Authority (Zambia), Kenya Power Company Limited (KPCL) and Movitel (Mozambique). We have also supplied to international projects such as Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Projects administered for the World Bank by The Crown Agents. The company has also formerly supplied Jamal Trading Company (Botswana), Gulmohur Building Supplies (Botswana), Nata Timber Industries (Botswana) and Fair Price (Botswana), Kebo Electrical (Botswana). The company has prioritized engaging other power utilities in the market notably Nampower (Namibia), EDM (Mozambique), LEC (Lesotho) whilst also prioritizing creating working relationships with foreign EPC / EPCM electrical contractors such as ABB, Siemens, Eltel, Grinaker-LTA and Powerline 2000.

With a present work force at the poles plant is current 30 laborers overally, the company maintains felling and harvesting contracts at Arda Kaerezi Estate and Arda Chimanimani Estate. The company supports the Land Reform Act of 2002 by issuing strategic procurement contracts to private farm owners who were allocated plantations by the Government.

The company maintains a simple SAZ mark, hence our identification tagging being “GHZ”.

Our delivery lead times vary according to the sizes of poles, quantities and contractual requirements. Factory lead times vary between 2 and 4 weeks

All poles are treated at our Rusape or Marondera plants in line with SAZ / ZESA standards.

All timber poles less than 3 months air-dried are kiln dried. The company has two drying kilns, with a combine capacity of 1,000 cubics per month.

Chemical processes carried out are creosote treatment and CCA (Copper, Chrome, Arsenic) or otherwise know as Tannalith C. The main treatment is however mostly creosote. We treat our poles both using the Bethel Cell Method at our Rusape plant whilst using the Dip treating method at our Marondera plant. Dip treating is used for poles that have a length less than 3m, and for diameters less than 100/125mm.

Overally the company manufacture creosoted poles of various diameters to a maximum length of 13.0 meters and maximum diameters of 180/200mm.

Creosote is procured from Hwange Colliery Company, Zimchem refineries, Arcelor Mittal and FFS Refiners in tanker form. All the creosote adheres to SANS 616 type 2 and 3 specification respectively.

We also undertake tanalith C (Also know as CCA) treatment of fencing poles, and ranch fencing poles to SANS 457.

We specialise in the treatment, supply and delivery of Eucalyptus (Blue Gum) poles. Varieties that we supply include:

Botanical Name

Common Name

Eucalyptus cloeziana**


Eucalyptus grandis


Eucalyptus grandis / E. saligna hybrids


Eucalyptus saligna


The company is a full member of the Timber Manufacturers Association of Zimbabwe.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any further information that may be required.

Poles can also be provided according to specific customer requirements, specifications and standards.